You don’t need a lot of people to help grow your traffic and sales, you only need tools to help you out. Having the right WordPress tools and other resources for effective marketing can have a positive impact on your website or blog-based business.

In this comprehensive list, we’ve highlighted the best tools you need to create a profitable online business and execute your online business ideas.

They include both (free and paid) WordPress website applications, and blogging tools you should prioritize using to help build, manage and grow your WordPress website and/or blog this year.

Oftentimes, the premium ones do come with unprecedented deals that are budget friendly. And most importantly help you get the most of your marketing.

We pride ourselves in recommending the best online tools and marketing resources at prices that won’t break your budget. If it doesn’t provide you with a better Internet experience and mostly won’t add growth to your business, we don’t recommend it.

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Why You Need The Best WordPress Tools For Effective Marketing

No matter what stage you’re at in your online business journey, these best WordPress marketing tools can:

  • Save you dozens of hours per week and a whole lot of stress (more time to do what you love, which is a HUGE win!)
  • Automate key marketing activities like email marketing, list building, and showing up on social media.
  • Save you thousands of dollars on pricey freelancers and doing things the hard way.

Get exclusive discounts and save big on these list of WordPress tools and resources below!

There several domain registrars we have partnered with that offer cheap domain names for your new and existing online startups. The deals they offer include free domain name registrations for 1 year, free SSL certificates, free Whois and more.

WordPress hosting is necessary for every self-hosted WordPress site. It acts as a home for your website and gives your domain name somewhere to point to so people can actually reach your site.

We have our favorite hosting companies we recommend to both new and existing small business owners that will give an outstanding WordPress experience.

Also, we have some few selected and trusted WooCommerce hosting companies we recommend to our readers and/or users that guarantees maximum results for both small, medium and large scale eCommerce businesses.

Are you an entrepreneur, online marketer or a marketing manager representing a company, and looking to grow your subscribers lists, audience, engage with both new and existing customers and boost your online sales?

Don’t worry as we have carefully selected the best email marketing solutions for for profitable growth for your brands and/or businesses.

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WordPress Website Page Builders

What makes a website unique and attractive is it’s design features. You can achieve this with page builders during the process of building your WordPress blog or website. You can customize every part of your website or blog posts, pages and landing pages.

There are several page builders which provide ultimate all-in-one website building solution for WordPress sites. You can start building amazing websites in no time with the recommended page builders below. They all offer both free and premium packages.


Canva is the ultimate design tool for non-designers. It’s user-friendly and the free version gives you access to most features. Use Canva to create shareable social media images, cover photos, even video thumbnails. In no time, you’ll be on your way to building a memorable online brand. You can also try Canva Pro! You’re eligible to try it for 30 days.

Canva Pro is great whether you’re one person or a small team. No matter how large your team, you can boost your productivity and take Canva to the next level with time-saving features. Take the hassle out of cropping and resizing your design with Magic Resize, organize your photos into folders, and save your brand logo, colors, and fonts.

Contact & Registration Forms

Forms help in carrying out customized contact forms, registration forms, payment forms, survey forms and more CRM features on your website that are suitable for your online customers or clients.

Start building smarter WordPress Forms for your online projects. Create and publish forms in minutes on your website or blog with our recommended tools below. They all offer both free and premium packages.


Reduce lapses in productivity and collaborate with your coworkers in real time. Now, you can work smarter with Slack.

Slack is a powerful team communication suite that allows you to stay collaborate with your team and optimize your workflow.

Share, send, collaborate and connect with your team to get work done from anywhere, on any device, allowing you to work efficiently and focus on what really matters. Slack has both paid and free modules.

Keyword Research Tools

You need keyword research tools to stay on top of your blogging trends in your niche. That’s how you can get the right audience to your website or blog. From there, you will start getting leads that will convert into customers and clients.

For mapping out the best content marketing strategy for your business, you need the right keywords that will catapult the growth of your audience. There are several research tools to grow your website. However, we recommend only few of them.

1. Semrush

Semrush is one of the leading online visibility management tools and platforms with accurate results when deployed in your marketing strategy. With Semrush, your WordPress site can benefit from SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC and social media marketing from just one platform.

Transform your online business with Semrush Marketing Kits.

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