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How To Start An Email Newsletter In 2022 (Beginners Guide)9 min read

How To Start An Email Newsletter In 2022 ( Beginners Guide)

You can’t wait to start a newsletter and send regular email campaigns to prospects? 2022 is the best tme to achieve this. You have come to the right blog post. One of the surest ways to turn interested visitors into paying customers is to send them regular or periodic emails in the form of newsletters.

For business owners, sales don’t just happen after pushing out a single marketing campaign. Followups must be strategically done about 5-7 times before you end up closing a sale or deal. This is where regular email newsletter activities come in.

In this article, I will show you how to simply start an email newsletter with a few clicks plus the tools you need to get started. This guide is suitable for both WordPress site owners and those who don’t have websites. Let’s dive in!

What is an Email Newsletter?

An email newsletter is an electronic piece of information sent out periodically to members of a society or organization, a group of people, customers, etc. An Email Service Provider (short form of ESPs) enables you to electronically send out both single and bulk messages or marketing emails to a list of subscribers you have collected.

Why Do I Need An Email Newsletter For My Business?

Asides from using regular emails for transactional purposes, every businessperson needs an email newsletter up and running for marketing campaigns.

Businesses demand consistent communications between all parties involved. There can’t be a thriving business without a piece of well-crafted information passed across between a buyer and a seller. So setting up an email newsletter to ensure continuous incoming sales is vital to the growth of any online or traditional business.

As a salesperson, you need to set up an email newsletter platform to grow your email list, convert new leads, reach out to existing customers, share your latest products and services, and so on.

Who Are Email Newsletters Best For?

Since email newsletters are considered to be electronically used, virtually every business should make use of it. Maximizing its usage can be time-saving, affordable, and very effective when combined with other marketing methods depending on the type of business one runs.

Email newsletter users include:

  • eCommerce business owners
  • Agencies
  • Associations and clubs
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Religious organizations
  • Schools and higher learning institutions
  • Freelancers
  • Service professionals of all kinds
  • Bloggers
  • Publishers
  • General SMEs

Recommendable Tools Required For Starting An Email Newsletter

Suppose you plan on sending bulk emails to communicate your business to prospective and existing customers effectively. In that case, you will be needing some set of online tools to start your email newsletter.

These tools let you appear professional in front of your audience or leads when sending out newsletter campaigns.

In this section, I will list the tools into two categories for different users – A and B.

Category A: For WordPress Website Owners Or Users

1. A Business email (use Titan Email)

2. I recommend FluentCRM. It’s a complete email marketing solution with rich tools which include CRM management, customizable signup forms, Automation, smart contact segmentation, unlimited integrations, etc.

3. Mailpoet is also one of the best email plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce websites to create newsletters and all manner of marketing campaigns. If you are already a Mailpoet user, you can integrate Mailpoet with FluentCRM to synchronize your contact lists in a unified database. You can use Mailpoet to create different types of opt-in forms and embed them on your WooCommerce Product pages, WordPress blog posts, and pages.

Category B: For Non-Website Owners or Users

1. A Domain name (Register it at Namecheap)

2. A Business email (use Titan Email)

3. I strongly recommend you use an all-in-one email marketing service provider from any of the following companies mentioned below. They have all the necessary tools you need to successfully start and grow an email newsletter.

Moosend – Asides from Moosend’s 30-day free trial, it’s the most affordable email marketing software with advanced features for starters and SMEs.

GetResponse – It has a free plan for starters with excellent features but no CRM.

Hubspot – It has fantastic features for starters like free CRM and free CMS tools.

Mailchimp – It has free marketing tools for starters including CRM.

Creating And Sending Your First Email Newsletter

As a small business owner with no website, you will need to create a landing page with signup forms embed to start collecting new leads and growing your audience. As a matter of fact, landing pages are essential for both website owners and those who don’t have websites to have.

Here are the steps to take or things to put in place to enable you to start and send your first email newsletter.

1. Create a Landing Page

GetResponse Free-Forever plan with unlimited landing pages

Landing pages are similar to website pages. On a landing page, all you need to add is your introductory offer, about you and your offer with crisp images, and finally a signup form to collect leads. Landing pages are quite easy to design. And most email marketing service providers offer free readymade landing pages as well.

If you don’t want to design a landing page from scratch, you can choose one among the readymade templates and modify it to suit your offer.

To customize your landing page even further, you can add a custom domain to its default URL to make it look more professional. Email marketing platforms like ActiveCampaign and Getresponse can let you do all these for free.

eRoom is the best complete video conferencing plugin for your WordPress website.

The Best Complete Video Conferencing Plugin For Your WordPress Website

The eRoom plugin lets you sell, organize and schedule Zoom meetings, conferences, and business webinars right from your WordPress dashboard.

2. Choose An Existing Email Template or Start From Scratch

how to start and customize an email newsletter

Once you start to generate new leads, you will need to send them your first newsletter. It could be a welcome email, an introductory offer, etc.

Your preferred email service provider already has some existing email templates you can use or a plain template to start on. Most beginners I know usually go for the existing email templates for their newsletters and customize them to their tastes, which I would recommend you do as well.

Most importantly, I’d advise you to get familiar with your email dashboard and know how to replace existing images, add a new image, and so on.

3. Use Drag-And-Drop Builder To Create Your Email Newsletter

how to create an email newsletter with drag-and-drop editor

Almost all email marketing platforms now use drag-and-drop-building features for creating and sending email newsletters. Beginners can find it very easy to use as long as they can use Google docs or Microsoft Word.

The drag-and-drop builder or editor lets you add and customize your content, with columns, styles, and other features to create an appealing newsletter.

4. Import Existing Contact List (optional)

Perhaps you may already have existing email contacts you want to start sending newsletters to, it is advisable you import them into your dashboard before sending out your first email campaign. All ESPs allow you to do this.

Also, ensure you validate or clean your contact lists to avoid email bounce or any form of penalty on your account. This is a standard practice you should always do whenever you want to start sending newsletters to your contacts for the first time, or want to start resending after a long time (let’s say a year ago).

If you plan on using an email newsletter for your business, it’s best you grow your email list from scratch to achieve maximum conversion rate.



Starting an email newsletter is a necessity for any online business that wants to be successful in today’s world. If you plan on building a growth marketing strategy that works, consider sending strategized and impressive email campaigns, automation, and much more. About 70% of your ROI solely depends on it!

I hope this helps you on your journey to creating an email newsletter for your business or general use.

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