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5 Best Tools To Increase your Website User Experience

Best Tools To Increase Your Website User Experience

Are you eager to Increase your WordPress website user experience with the best lead generation tools? Getting more potential leads that will turn to a lifetime customer is the ultimate goal of every business owner.

You wouldn’t want to see your website not so converting well after being setup for business. If a potential visitor comes to your website and have a bad user experience, he or she might never want to come back again.

Hence, its very essential for every legit online hustler using a website or a blog to research and implement proven methods to increase and improve website user experience.

The tools enumerated in this article have been proven overtime to convert visitors into subscribers and customers. They are indeed a must-have tools to increase your website user experience so as to get more leads for businesses.

In this article, we will share with you some of the best tools that will make better your website user experience targeted at your audience. But first, let’s define what user experience is, and also why you should care as a website salesperson.

What is User Experience?

The user experience is how a user (or a website visitor in the case of websites) interacts with and experiences a product, system or service. It includes a person’s perceptions of utility, ease of use, and efficiency.

There are tasks you as a website owner should focus on at all times just ensure the optimization of your products and services for effective and enjoyable use. Your website user experience should encompass all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with your product and services offerings in order to make continous sales.

Let’s use this simple illustration to further buttress our explanation:

When you invite a new friend to your house, the person looks round to see .. let’s say for example, your indoor welcome mat or rug that has some shoes or slippers on. Immediately, what comes to his mind next will be to put off his sandals before entering the living room right? So it is with your website or blog.

Luckily, most website themes now come with dope user experience interfaces. Because of the importance of this user experience, we use to advise our clients to first embark on a proper theme research before buying. While we also guide them in choosing the best theme suitable for their kind of businesses.

If you happen to have bought a not-so-good UX theme for your website, then this article is mainly for you. Because when it comes to website design, your visitors are your customers.

A Website with a good user experience gives you return on investment and good conversion rates, customer satisfaction and much more. Especially, if you run an online store.

Okay, so having explained that, let’s get started with mentioning these tools that give your website or blog higher conversions and greater customer satisfactions.

1. My Sticky Menu

Whenever a first time visitor lands on your website or blog, what he comes in contact with are your menu arrangements for easy navigation purposes. Your website header is meant to be clean and easy to navigate.

That’s where this useful plugin comes in. My Sticky Menu ensures your website’s header menu or notification bar stays afloat while visitors scroll up and down during reading. It helps you create a sticky menu and a notification bar on your WordPress site.

Upon installation, this lightweight plugin will help your visitors navigate easily and reach to the navigation menu without wasting time. If you observe, it’s active on the web page you’re reading now.

The plugin gives you two advantages:

  • The first is the welcome bar or notification bar where we get to use it to promote our businesses. As an online seller, you can use it also to drive traffic to your product links and other pages on your website or blog.
  • The second is the Menu on scroll feature, which helps your readers easily navigate to various pages on your website.

With these two great features, the chances of increasing your website’s user experience is close to 70% and above. You will get more features when you upgrade the My Sticky Menu WordPress plugin to the premium version which costs only $19. But at least, you can first start with the free version to see whether it’s worth upgrading or not.

Checkout the short video below on how to create a sticky menu and notification bar for your WordPress site.

The premium version enables you to;

  • Add unlimited welcome bars
  • Add Scroll up and/or down feature
  • Target some specific pages on your WordPress site
  • Choose enable and disable mobile/desktop options.
  • Add custom CSS Styles.
  • Add unlimited effects and more.

By the way, If your website’s theme currently doesn’t support sticky header menu, then you can download this plugin. Even if it supports it, you will still need this plugin to generate leads.

The free version of the plugin will take care of that. With it, you can add a sticky menu and header to your present theme. For newbies who haven’t gotten a killer theme yet for their websites or blogs, we recommend you either go for Astra theme or BetterStudio theme.

As you can see from the screenshot above that it’s pretty customizable with just few clicks. Just be creative with it and let it resonate with your brand… that’s all. You can choose both the desktop and mobile options, choose either or both top and bottom positions and so much more. You can also show the welcome bar on every page just like it’s appearing on all of our web pages you click.

2. My Sticky Elements

My Sticky Elements will help you capture more leads for email by placing floating contact forms on your site, more followers for your social media pages, and also your instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp etc. If you haven’t set up your email marketing list, we recommend you use GetResponse to start growing your list by placing them on your website.

Once installed on your site, you can begin to skyrocket the growth of your email subscribers list in no time, and turn them into regular buying customers by sending them periodic mails.

You will get the free features below when you download My Sticky Elements WordPress plugin. And, If you want to convert more customers, then we recommend you go for the premium version with more features, which costs only $25.

It’s pretty easier to use. Checkout the short video below on how to install and use My Sticky Elements WordPress plugin.

What you will get in the free version

  • Show a floating tab for contact form
  • Show floating social media icons like Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Show your phone number, email and open hours
  • Display on desktop and mobile

What you will get in the premium version

  • Setup a floating contact form that helps you get more email subscribers.
  • Gives you multiple widgets to place in any part of your website.
  • Let’s you target some specific pages on your site.
  • Let’s you target some specific countries
  • Regular plugin updates and so much more.

3. Premio Subscribe Forms

E-mail marketing has been proven to have the highest return on investment on any marketing channel available online today, and the good news is, there are a lot of resources and tools out there to help you build a strong email list. One of them is this effective simple lightweight form builder plugin called Premio Subscribe Forms.

You can customize anything you want in Subscribe Forms. With it, you can create beautiful forms, embedded newsletter forms on your WordPress site. It’s completely easy to use. With just a few clicks, you’ll be up and running.

What’s in the free version

  • Create unlimited forms and manage them using shortcodes
  • Change form and button text with ease
  • Change text size
  • Control form width
  • Get the URL of the page where the contact form was submitted
  • Embed the form in the widget area
  • Choose from a variety of free fonts
  • Customize your form with pre-set colors
  • Add a consent checkbox (GDPR compliant)
  • Save and track all your leads locally from your WordPress site

Subscribe Forms premium version features

  • 12 pre-designed form templates.
  • Create your custom backgrounds and choose custom colors
  • Fully responsive design
  • Fully custom forms
  • Embedded forms/Inline forms
  • Ajax support.
  • Send leads to email
  • You can integrate your form to more than one provider, for example you can connect your forms to MailChimp, GetResponse, ActiveCapmpaign, Pipedrive, HubSpot, SendFox etc, and also get the leads by email without a problem.
  • Show your form with shortcode anywhere.
  • Export subscribers to CSV file to import in MailChimp or other mailing services
  • Including several other premium features.

4. OptinMonster

We will describe OptinMonster as unarguably the best lead-generation tool for growing businesses online OptinMonster not only works with WordPress sites, It also works with popular eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce and BigCommerce.

OptinMonster can also be used on popular social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. This is particularly useful for those who don’t have websites. With OptinMonster, you can create converting campaigns using well crafted landing pages that will continually bring in more leads and at the end, more customers for your business.

Want to know more about OptinMonster features? Here’s a more detailed article we wrote about the effectiveness of OptinMonster on businesses and how you can set it up and running on your preferred online platforms.

Note that OptinMonster has a free and limited WordPress plugin for WordPress sites, which is currently being used by over 1.3M+ WordPress site owners. The pro version offers more exceptional features to improve your website user experience. OptinMonster pro-version costs from $9 above.

5. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights helps your website increase conversions, engagement and retention. It helps you understand what people are doing on your website, so you can keep doing more of what’s working.

For publishers, MonsterInsights helps you write effective and engaging contents that will continually help generate leads that will eventually turn into clients. While it helps generate constant leads turning into sales for eCommerce businesses.

You will get rich and powerful data analysis when you connect your Google Analytics with MonsterInsights which will enable you make informed and accurate decisions about your website contents and also enhance your eCommerce business.

MonsterInsights is available as a free WordPress plugin with limited features. With the MonsterInsights Pro version, you get exceptional features such as re-targeting old visitors to your website and social media pages with converting campaigns to close pending sales and lots more. Basically, this feature reduces cart abandonment and coverts more sales.

Finally, what we think of these website user experience tools?

In the end, being able to attract people to your website or blog is perhaps the most important foundations of your business. With these tools, you will continually be experiencing maximum return on your investments. Invest in your business today, and make your business shine out above the rest.

We hope this article helped you know the best tools to use to improve and increase your website user experience. Feel free to share with us via comments below which of these tools you’re currently using on WordPress site.

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