These days, it’s of vital importance that your WordPress website or blog has an SSL certificate installed in order to enjoy some benefits. Most importantly if you run an e-commerce store.

Why? because gaining customers’ trust is essential when it comes to selling or carrying out other transactions via websites or blogs.

And it starts with a simple online security practice with an SSL certificate installed. When your personal or business website is well-secured, it keeps customers coming back for more purchases if you sell online or you get leads.

But before we go on to tell you the benefits of having an SSL certificate installed on your website or blog, let’s quickly explain what an SSL is.

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What Does SSL Mean, And What Is An SSL Certificate?

SSL full meaning is secured sockets layer - an encrypted digital certificate required by website owners

An SSL certificate is a type of digital certificate that provides authentication for a website and enables an encrypted connection. 

SSL, with the full sentence known as Secure Sockets Layer, is commonly used on e-commerce sites and pages that require users to submit personal or credit card information.

Not only is it recommended for eCommerce sites for safe online transactions, but It also ensures every website on the internet carries out seamless objectives such as leads generation and so on. It keeps communication between you and your website visitors safeguarded.

So basically, SSL certificates are what enable websites to move from HTTP to HTTPS, which is more secure and also required by Google.

Google wants website owners to implement an SSL certificate on their websites. The aim of Google is to become a trusted Search Engine. To do that, Google has to show only secure websites in the search results. This is also applicable to other search engines.

So when you’re starting a new website or blog, count yourself lucky to be issued a free SSL Certificate when you host your website with our web hosting packages and/or optimized WordPress hosting plans.

For existing website owners, whose SSL certificates have expired, you have no option but to start securing your websites if you want to still be found on the internet.

how to move your http website to https website with SSL

SSL Certificates: Free vs. Paid

There are several SSL certificate providers which offer free and paid SSL certificates to website owners. One of the limitations of free SSL certificates is; that the website or blog owner must manually renew them every three months once they expire. This can be a lot cumbersome, especially for most website newbies.

On the other hand, the unlimited (paid) SSL certificates usually carry a yearly automatic renewal after their expiration.

Paid SSL Certificates are not usually expensive to purchase or annually maintain. The cheapest basic SSL certificate costs about $10-$12, while the same amount applies to yearly renewals. Our team at TemydeeDigital usually recommends this for our clients.

How SSL Certificate works on your website

When someone types your website domain into their browser (whether via mobile or laptop), your SSL Certificate automatically kicks into action, like a superhero. It encrypts the connection between their browser and your site, meaning only you and your customer can read the information exchanged.

The encryption connection happens almost at the speed of light. A confirming padlock icon and ‘HTTPS://’ will appear in the browser. And if you’ve bought an Extended Validation (EV) SSL, your company name will also be displayed, so everyone knows you’re verified as 100% legit.

You’re all set with a fully encrypted line of communication between you and your website visitors. No one else can snoop in or steal information. Your customers are protected.

The Benefits of an SSL certificate for your website

When you buy an SSL Certificate from our trusted and recommended partner, you will be assured of optimum safety among other benefits. There’s also a warranty with all their SSL Certificates, to give you peace of mind too.

Below are some benefits of having an SSL Certificate installed on your personal blog or company website;

1. Boosts Conversion Rates

When both new and old visitors come to your website or blog, it enables them to take further call-to-actions such as subscribing to your email, filling out a form, downloading a PDF, buying a product or a service, and much more. Hence, installing an SSL certificate helps to increase the chance of your site converting more.

2. All-Round Protection Guaranteed

SSL certificates shield your site from malware and all sort of phishing attacks. It also prevents your site from being hijacked.

3. SEO Boost to get found faster

Google and other search engines display sites not protected by SSL Certificates as Not Secure. They also rank websites with SSL higher in search results over those that don’t have them. With this in mind, ‘cheap SSL’ means so much more because the cost of losing customers is high.

4. Increases Your Online Sales

Your sales are bound to skyrocket when new customers visit your eCommerce store or business service website. Why? Because they have seen that your platform is well-secured enough to punch in their ATM card digits, or exchange email conversations.

5. The best SSL Encryption available

You can rely on strong security to protect your customers. All communication between you and your site visitors will be fully safeguarded. For techies, this means SHA-256 and 2048-bit RSA keys, as well as Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) support.

6. Visitor trust funds

One of the main reasons for an SSL Certificate purchase is to make customers feel they’re in safe hands. Your encryption comes with a Site Seal to display on your website, from the world’s largest Certificate Authority. This, and the browser padlock, shows your audience they’re protected. Your SSL cost earns you priceless customer trust.

7. Flexible Cover

SSL certificate merchants have made it so easy for users to acquire and install on their sites.

These merchants also ensure the certificates of your choice you purchase cover both the ‘www’ and ‘non-www’ versions of your site, so you’re getting a cheap SSL Certificate in more ways than one.

Where Can I Get A perfect SSL Certificate For My Blog or Website?

We recommend you get a suitable SSL certificate for your website or blog on our shop.

When you purchase your SSL certificates from the TemydeeDigital Shop, you won’t find the usual hype, jargon, or complexity. They’re all about straightforward benefits, plain-speak facts, and making life easy.

GREAT PRICES, NO HASSLES: We bring you some of the best SSL price tags on the market. They’ve cut through the marketing BS so you can find the best fit for your needs without wasting time.

SUPER-EASY ACTIVATION: Your SSL Certificate price comes with their convenient 3-click activation. You’ll be up and running with website protection.

STRONG CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Asking yourself where to buy SSL Certificate encryption? You won’t find their support team distracted by other products.

FREE SSL INSTALLATION SERVICE: If you’re not the savvy type, you don’t need to worry about installation as our support team will install it for you after purchase.

So, ready to start enjoying the benefits SSL certificates provide on your website?

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