ProjectHuddle rebrands to SureFeedback and introduces two new free features for web designers to streamline feedback collection between clients and teams.

Web development agencies, marketing teams and clients can now simplify communication by using SureFeedback to collect feedback for web projects including both WordPress and non-WordPress websites, graphic images, and PDFs.

What is SureFeedback and how does it Work?

SureFeedback is a platform that allows website development agencies and freelancers to gather feedback from their customers or audience.

It provides an easy-to-use interface to establish communication, collect feedback and act swiftly on the execution of design projects.

The collected feedback can be analyzed and visualized to derive insights and make informed decisions such as making quick necessary adjustments. This is a much better alternative to simply exchanging emails.

To get started, download and activate SureFeedback. Then, upload your image mockups in PDF, PNG, JPG, GIF or Sketch format. Finally, you can begin having live, interactive conversations on top of your image mockups.

For live site designs, you can prioritize and assign tasks among teams, keep track of ongoing activities, mark completed tasks, resolve issues, and more.

With SureFeedback, you have a powerful tool to streamline your collaborative efforts and ensure the success of your projects.

Why did ProjectHuddle transition to SureFeedback?

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ProjectHuddle was a WordPress plugin primarily designed for use on WordPress websites. The goal of the transition from ProjectHuddle to SureFeedback is to integrate more tools that will simplify the process of collecting feedback and make it more efficient for teams and collaborators in the long run.

SureFeedback’s Latest Additional Features: File Uploads and PDF Mockups

SureFeedback offers two useful features to enhance user communication and collaboration: File Uploads and PDF Mockups. These features are available for both existing and new users at no cost.

With File Uploads, you can attach various types of files, such as images, documents, audio, or video, to your comments, making it easier to share feedback.

On the other hand, PDF Mockups extends the core functionality of SureFeedback to allow for collaboration on PDFs. This feature is particularly handy for working on eBooks, business proposals, educational materials, or any other PDF-based content.

If you already have an account with SureFeedback, you only need to upgrade the WordPress plugin to access new features. New users can also opt for a trial before purchasing.

How Much Does SureFeedback Plugin Cost?

After ProjectHuddle’s successful transition to SureFeedback, it now comes with new pricing plans tailored for freelancers, web design agencies, and marketing teams. The least of the plan is $59 which is for only one dashboard site.

It’s worth noting that the free version of the plugin has limited features. However, new users can take advantage of a 14-day free trial to determine if it’s suitable for their needs.

Not only that, it comes with a 30-day refund policy.

No More ProjectHuddle! Get Started With SureFeedback And Simplify Client Feedback Communication Process

SureFeedback makes design projects faster and smarter between clients and teams. As a web development agency or a freelancer, you can assign feedback collection tasks to teams for an easier collaboration process.

SureFeedback is a versatile project management feedback tool that works great on various CMS platforms including WordPress, Shopify, React, Squarespace, Webflow, and even HTML5.

You can enjoy exceptional customer support and budget-friendly pricing, making it an ideal choice for solopreneurs and freelancers.

Once you try SureFeedback, you’ll surely find it the best tool for managing your projects and getting feedback.

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