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How To Improve Your Client Communication With a WordPress Feedback Plugin (Video Inclusive)6 min read


Are you a WordPress website designer or developer looking for a unique WordPress feedback plugin to communicate better with clients?

Improving communication with clients goes a long way in retaining and getting more referrals. It’s a perfect way to ascertain that customers always get maximum satisfaction from their WordPress website and other web-related projects.

In this guide, you will learn how to easily interact and ensure a better flow of communication with your clients when working on their WordPress site projects.

Just before I show you how to do that, let me quickly tell you why direct feedback is so useful.

Why Is Direct Feedback So Important?

Client feedbacks are essential when handling WordPress or any other web-related projects. Your agency will be at risk of delivering a poor job if proper communication between your client(s) isn’t in place. is Here are some benefits;

  • Helps you deliver a quality project that meets the client’s needs
  • Helps streamline processes
  • Makes customers feel valued
  • Projects a professional persona
  • Helps measure customer satisfaction
  • Helps speed up the design process
  • Saves using multiple platforms (email, messages, SMS, etc.)

How Can I Gather Feedback On My Website Project?

There are some proven ways to collect client feedback in order to improve your WordPress business. Most web agencies and freelancers make use of client communication tools such as Feedback Forms, emails, spreadsheets, Powerpoints, and project management systems.

However, these tools are one way or the other limited, unlike a direct feedback plugin. For instance, the typical feedback form can’t let you use screenshots to communicate except by using texts. On the other hand, emails don’t provide a quicker response, and so on.

Now say goodbye to other client communication tools and embrace the best feedback plugin that will enable you to streamline a better flow of communication between you, your teammates, and your clients.

Introducing ProjectHuddle: The Best WordPress Feedback Plugin

ProjectHuddle is a WordPress plugin for website and design feedback.

ProjectHuddle is a self-hosted, organized WordPress feedback plugin and a complete project management tool for web designers, developers, and freelancers. If you are looking for an effective, all-in-one tool to help you in gathering feedback on a client website project, ProjectHuddle is your best bet.

Features of ProjectHuddle

The main features of using ProjectHuddle include:

Image Mockups: This lets you communicate easily with your client by collecting visual feedback right on top of your designs, wireframes, PDFs, sketches, and other image formats like PNG, JPG, and GIFs. You can work with your team and clients on designs like advertising, logo, web user interface, and so on.

Live Website Collaborations: You can get visual feedback directly by gathering and managing clear, contextual comments directly on top of your live website or web app – on any CMS or platform. Chat with clients and get approvals on what to do on a particular ongoing task.

Use on Non-WordPress Platforms: ProjectHuddle can be used on other CMS platforms once it is installed on a WordPress site. You get to manage all your WordPress websites or other non-WordPress projects from a central dashboard. This is one outstanding feature for web agencies.

Team Management: This feature lets you prioritize, and assign tasks to colleagues working on a particular web project. Together, you all can resolve pending tasks when projects are complete.

Other ProjectHuddle features include:

  • White label: Modify and tweak colors to match your brand for professionalism.
  • Self-hosted: Your projects and data are on your server with no third-party involvement.
  • Usage Simplicity: ProjectHuddle is very simple to use amongst teams and clients.
  • Powerful central dashboard for unlimited projects and users.
  • Connect ProjectHuddle with 1500+ apps using Zapier.
  • Works with both single WordPress sites and multi-sites.
  • Login and password protection.
  • Automatic email notifications to keep everyone informed on project progress.
  • Easy to customize and retina-ready.
  • Restore deleted comments and images.
  • Exceptional support and lots more.

How Much Does This Easy WordPress Feedback Plugin Cost?

ProjectHuddle comes with three different pricing options available depending on the size of your web agency. They are:

  • Regular pricing plan – $109
  • Professional pricing plan – $139
  • Ultimate lifetime plan – $599

With a 30-day money-back guarantee, the Regular plan costs $109 annually, while the Professional plan costs $139 annually as well. They both come with core features like:

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Mockups
  • Central Dashboard
  • Completely Customizable
  • White Label
  • Sketch Sync
  • Regular update
  • And much more.

ProjectHuddle’s Ultimate Lifetime plan goes for $599 only and its feature comprises of the professional package for as long as the WordPress feedback plugin exists. It’s entirely up to you to choose any of these pricing plans.

How To Set Up Your Client Communication With ProjectHuddle’s WordPress Feedback Plugin

Having explored the ProjectHuddle WordPress feedback plugin features and pricing options, you may want to go for it. Remember ProjectHuddle comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So here’s how to collect feedback for a web project using ProjectHuddle.

First, you will need to create an account on ProjectHuddle’s site and download the WordPress feedback plugin. After that, you will install and activate the plugin on your own WordPress site.

Once it is uploaded and installed, follow the instructions in the activation wizard to do the complete setup.

To have a complete understanding of what you can achieve with ProjectHuddle plus how to set it up, here’s a walkthrough video on how you can get website feedback easily right from your dashboard.

Final Thoughts

You definitely can’t go wrong when you choose to use ProjectHuddle. With no strings attached, it’s by far the best client communication tool you can find in the market.

If you create WordPress websites and use other CMS platforms for clients, ProjectHuddle will help you:

  • Start simplifying your client communication and feedback collection.
  • Say goodbye to the hassles of account sharing and complicated feedback methods.
  • Speed up the workflow with faster feedback and approvals.
  • Receive real-time notifications for every comment on the design or page.

It’s high time you started to scale your web agency or freelancing business with the best easy WordPress feedback plugin.

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