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How To Create a Website With Gator (Step By Step Guide)

how to launch a stunning website in minutes using Gator

Yes you can create a professional website or a blog in a matter of minutes using the Gator Website Builder.

Back in those days, any aspiring website owner will be forced to put together some programming codes in order to set up a professional looking website either by doing it himself or hiring a web developer. These days, a whole lot of things have changed when it comes to quickly setting up a website.

In this article, we will be showing you a step by step guide on how to quickly create a professional website or a blog without writing a single code. Let’s get started!

Introducing Gator

Gator is a full-featured website building and hosting tool with an easy to understand, drag-and-drop page builder. With Gator’s website builder artificial intelligence tool, you’ll quickly create a website in just few minutes.

Gator was created for anyone who has an idea for a website and wants a frustration-free solution to build and launch a website with ease. In addition, Gator comes with some of the basics you need, such as included website hosting, security basics like an SSL certificate, and a free domain name.

Unlike other website builders, Gator offers a breadth of tools to fit every need. No more shopping around for a site builder that has either blog or e-commerce functionalities, Gator has it all.

Plus, it’s backed by HostGator’s powerful website hosting, so you can upgrade your website as your online business grows.

Gator Features

Gator has got several amazing features that makes it one of the most widely used website builder on the market. The features include:

  • Free domain (if you don’t already have a domain)
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Marketing tools such as lead capture forms, contact management (CRM) and lots more
  • Email marketing integrations
  • Appointment booking features for services such as photo and music studio booking sessions etc
  • Cloud hosting included in the all-in-one purchase price
  • Blogging option included with all plans
  • Online store for selling both digital and physical products
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop editor
  • No ads!
  • 24/7 priority support

Description of Gator Features

  • Stock photo gallery included and integrated

No more searching for stock photos, downloading, and then uploading to your website. Gator comes with an integrated library of high-quality stock photos courtesy of Unsplash. These photos are available in all Gator packages at no charge and are license free, meaning you can use them however you want.

  • Integrated website analytics and tracking

Analytics can be intimidating, but with Gator, you can keep on eye on the back end of your website right within the platform! Easily keep track of page views, bounce rate and visitor demographics with a few clicks of your mouse.

This detailed data about your website visitors will help you make informed decisions about what to do with your website and how to promote your business. But, of course, if you’re already using Google Analytics or MonsterInsights, Gator has an easy way to insert your tracking code in the “manage site” section.

  • Marketing tools

Gator helps you achieve automated email campaigns, landing pages, contact management (CRM), lead capture forms, menu and event sections, Logo maker, Site statistics plus $200 search engine marketing credits.

  • Online store

Setting up an online shop or store is pretty easy with Gator. You can add a number of products to your store, collect payments online, add inventory, order and tax management discounts and coupons and much more. You can either create a mini or a full fledged eCommerce website with Gator.

  • Appointment booking

This feature is immensely useful for small business owners who are into any form of business appointment services such as hair making in salon, health fitness trainers, dog walkers, massage therapists and much more.

Steps To Set Up An Account And Quickly Create a Website Using Gator

how to create a website with Gator

1. Choose a plan

Gator has 3 different plan choices. The starter plan comes with everything you need to get started with a great website – a free domain, access to more than 200 professionally-designed templates, a frustration free drag-and-drop editor, and integrated website analytics plus a minimum upload of 3 products to run an online store. And you can’t also have the appointment booking feature.

If you want access to priority support, choose the premium plan, which gives you all the essential benefits and includes minimum upload of 10 products to run an online store and an appointment booking features.

If you’re starting an eCommerce business with an online store and would want to upload unlimited products, we’ll recommend you choose the eCommerce plan.

Once you’ve decided which plan is right for you, click “buy now.” You’ll be directed to a page to set up your account. Ready? Then choose your preferred Gator plan.

2. Choose a domain

The next step is you will have to choose a domain name. Remember you can get a free domain name when you subscribe to any of Gator plans. So, if you don’t already have a domain, then register one based on the type of niche you promote.

Start typing in the “find a new domain name” box to see if your top choice is available. For some ideas about choosing a domain name, you can checkout this article about how to choose the right domain name for a website.

If you already have a domain, you can quickly connect it to your Gator website with the “connect it here” button.

3. Choose a theme (template)

how to create a stunning website using Gator website builder

There are several themes or templates that comes with all Gator plans. Once you subscribed to any of the plans, scroll through all the options available and choose the one that best fits their business. The templates are organized by category so you can quickly find a theme that is suitable for your niche group.

Gator comes with more than 200 professionally-designed templates included for free. The designs are fully customizable – you can quickly change the color scheme, fonts, or text style to match your business. In addition, all of the professional design templates come with a mobile-friendly version. All that’s left to do is to start adding content.

Once you have selected a theme for your website and clicked the button to “Start Editing,” you will be directed to your main account dashboard. At first glance, you’ll see that a few pages have already been created.

You can add, edit, or delete any of these pages by clicking the “pages” button on the left side of your dashboard. If you can’t find a suitable theme for your website, we suggest you also checkout both free themes and premium themes you can choose from.

Gator comes with an easy step-by-step guide to show you how to set up the different sections of your site. Click the menu icon next to the Gator by HostGator logo and select the “getting started tour.” This tour will guide you through the steps to edit pages and add elements such as text blocks, images, buttons, and more.

From the elements tab you can add items such as an image, text block, or button.

4. start a blog with Gator Website Builder

Gator comes with an easy blogging feature integrated. Some website builders give you the choice of either a basic website or a blogging platform. Gator offers both. It’s as simple as selecting the “blog” tab from the left sidebar and clicking “start a blog.”

5. launch an Online Store with Gator Website Builder

how to launch an online store with Gator the easy way

Choose the “eCommerce plan” (or upgrade your account to the eCommerce plan) to access the online store feature. Then click the ‘Store’ button from the left side of your dashboard to add a store. The website builder will automatically populate the store with example products so you can see what the store will look like when it’s done.

Follow the instructions on the next page to complete the store set up process.



As you can see, Gator by Hostgator has got everything you need to create a professional website in just a matter of minutes. The website builder in really so incredible. And perhaps you still don’t have the time to do it yourself, you can hire us to get it fully set up for you.

We hope this article helped you easily create your website using Gator. You may also want to see our detailed article on how to create a WordPress website (step by step).

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