MemberPress is a popular WordPress plugin used for monetization, online courses, and membership sites. The plugin recently launched CoachKit™, an add-on that helps coaching professionals build recurring revenue.

This is the industry’s first and only WordPress membership-coaching platform that offers such a suite of powerful features, making it an excellent option for existing coach professionals and small business owners who want to start an online coaching business in 2024 and beyond.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the key functionalities of MemberPress CoachKit, exploring how it can streamline your coaching practice, enhance client engagement, and ultimately unlock the full potential of your coaching endeavors.

What you need to know about the MemberPress CoachKit plugin for WordPress

CoachKit™ is an integration add-on for online coaching, developed by the team at MemberPress. It is designed for coaches who want to take their business to the next level. This feature works with both new and existing WordPress websites and is an additional feature of the all-in-one MemberPress plugin.

As a life coach expert looking to monetize your coaching services and programs, CoachKit™ is designed with exceptional features to help you set up recurring income streams you never thought possible.

With CoachKit™ by MemberPress, coaching professionals are not just staying relevant; they are setting the standard for excellence in their respective fields. This plugin is set to redefine the way coaches manage their online presence, interact with clients, and elevate their coaching businesses to new heights.

Watch the video below to get more information about this amazing WordPress coaching plugin.

What are the Key Features of the MemberPress CoachKit plugin?

CoachKit™ by MemberPress is an all-in-one platform that helps startup and renowned coaches achieve a lot in their online business. With CoachKit™, coaches can:

  • Create a compelling online coaching website with the ReadyLaunch feature
  • Create and sell unlimited coaching programs
  • Set up unlimited memberships and subscriptions
  • Launch unlimited rules to paywall your content
  • Map Milestones that keep your students on track
  • Set Up Habit Tracking to monitor and measure growth
  • Plan Goals that give your students a sense of achievement and progress
  • Assign Due Dates to clearly define when you want assignments completed
  • Automate Check Ins to stay in touch without being glued to your phone all day
  • Create Cohorts that create intimate and exclusive experiences for your students
  • Design a Client Management System that streamlines your workflow (you don’t have to be a coach to love this!)
  • And SO much more!

On top of that, CoachKit™ introduces a revolutionary new in-app messaging system.

This lets you chat with your students right inside your WordPress membership site. Time to say goodbye to expensive messaging apps and clunky community tools!

Undoubtedly, the CoachKit™ by MemberPress is a comprehensive WordPress coaching plugin that provides everything you need to build a successful coaching website that generates consistent revenue.

Additional features: Other reasons to love MemberPress CoachKit™

It works seamlessly with the entire MemberPress ecosystem, giving you the power to create countless new streams of recurring revenue.

With CoachKit™, you can: 

  • Sell your coaching programs through new and existing membership levels
  • Connect it to MemberPress Courses and assign your modules to students as homework
  • Give your students resources like PDFs through MemberPress Downloads
  • Create a visually stunning coaching area in no time with ReadyLaunch™

What are some recommended tools needed to set up an online coaching website?

As a professional coach looking to establish an effective online presence with a website, here are some essential tools to acquire:

  1. A Managed WordPress hosting account for your website (preferably with WP Engine).
  2. A MemberPress Elite plan to access the CoachKit™ addon.

Empower Your Coaching Business with MemberPress CoachKit: A Revolutionary WordPress Plugin

If you’re interested in launching an online coaching website but don’t want to deal with the hassle of setting up various tools for client management, and payment procedures or having advanced technical skills, CoachKit by MemberPress might be a good option for you.

Coaching is a diverse field that requires specialized strategies and approaches for each unique niche. This tool, called CoachKit™, is an indispensable asset for professionals across various niches, such as career coaching, fitness and wellness guidance, music management coaching and so on.

CoachKit by MemberPress is a versatile WordPress coaching plugin that seamlessly caters to the distinctive needs of each field. You can install it on either a new or existing WordPress site, and it’s incredibly simple to set up without any coding knowledge required.

Get started with CoachKit™ by MemberPress today and create your online coaching website!

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