The appointment scheduling industry has become one of the most lucrative businesses in the digital age. Several appointment-booking tools are available, but in this detailed review, let’s take a closer look at one of the best appointment-booking calendars for WordPress sites – FluentBooking. It serves as an excellent alternative to Calendly for businesses using WordPress sites.

In this review article, you will discover FluentBooking and its premium perks. But before we delve into the smart features FluentBooking offers for small businesses, let’s first understand what it is exactly.

What’s FluentBooking and how does it work?

FluentBooking is a WordPress plugin designed to help website owners manage complex appointment bookings. It’s an ideal solution for busy professionals who host paid meetings and connect with clients through appointments scheduled at various intervals.

With FluentBooking, WordPress site owners can create customised online booking pages with no code, create unlimited calendars and meetings, sync events with multiple calendars, and integrate it with other tools to transform your conversations into conversions without the need to depend on back-and-forth emails anymore.

Who uses FluentBooking?

There are diverse businesses that communicate with clients via multiple platforms. Such businesses can use FluentBooking for seamless interactions provided they have WordPress websites. FluentBooking users are but not limited to:

  • Professional services range from doctor appointments to saloons, spas, photography, yoga training, therapy sessions, etc.
  • eLearning businesses like online institutions, online coaching, etc.
  • Event makers
  • Sales and marketing professionals
  • Recruiting agencies

Why Choose FluentBooking for your WordPress Site over Calendly?

No doubt that Calendly is the most popular solution out there but it falls short in many regards:

  • It has limited customization options that service businesses need.
  • The appointment types are limited.
  • No customer dashboard for booking-based businesses.
  • Limited payment gateways (only supports Stripe and PayPal).
  • It’s extremely expensive for many small businesses to maintain (at a whopping $144 per year for the Standard plan!).

FluentBooking Premium Features: 5 premium perks we love

If you have a paid consultation business using WordPress, FluentBooking has five premium perks that can take your business to the next level.

1. Create unlimited appointment booking pages and forms

Suppose you are a WordPress user and run multiple consultation businesses or any type of business that requires scheduling appointments. In that case, you can create unlimited booking pages and customizable forms.

These pages can be shared with your clients or you can copy the URL generated for each appointment. This makes it easy for your clients to schedule appointments and helps to streamline your business operations.

2. Offer multiple types of meetings

FluentBooking’s single dashboard allows users and their team members to create various types of meetings, including one-to-one, group and round-robin meetings.

One-to-One Meeting: Book private appointments with the one-on-one meetings feature.

Group Meetings: Organize group sessions and meet-ups by letting attendees easily book group meetings.

Round-Robin Meetings: Spread meetings across your team calendars at various intervals. With your team onboard, you can create multiple meetings and have them host each of them. This aids maximum productivity for businesses with multiple team members.

3. Manage Appointment Reservations

If you have the FluentBooking premium plugin installed on your WordPress site, you can manage all your appointments from a simplified portal.

You can offer flexible meeting durations, automatically set up availability on your booking calendar, and let clients book meetings according to their time zones.

The premium plugin also provides automated time conversion to your local time, making it easier to schedule appointments.

4. Get Paid for Appointment Bookings

Connect FluentBooking with Stripe on your WP site and get paid.

To monetize your consultation business on your WordPress site, you can connect Stripe to FluentBooking. This integration allows you to test payments before going live and start charging for various appointments and multiple services.

In like manner, FluentBooking supports multiple payment gateways via WooCommerce as an integration. You can sell your paid appointment books, enable tax, and offer coupons using the WooCommerce checkout.

5. Integrate your tools with the FluentBooking premium plugin

FluentBooking integrates with popular online tools like Zapier, Google, Apple, Outlook Calendars, WooCommerce, Webhooks, FluentCRM and other popular CRMs, and more, allowing you to collect information, streamline workflow, and automate repetitive tasks for maximum productivity.

Price Review of FluentBooking Premium Plugin

FluentBooking offers affordable pricing plans and can be easily maintained annually unlike other popular appointment booking tools.

Small businesses can opt for the single license user plan that costs $55 per year, while web development agencies and freelancers can choose the 5-site to 50-site licensing plans. This makes it more affordable for businesses of all sizes, beating Calendly and other scheduling tools hands down.

Start Booking Seamless Appointments Via Your WordPress site with FluentBooking

FluentBooking is a smart appointment and booking plugin created for WordPress websites, and this review proves it. If you have been using the free Calendly booking software on your WordPress site, you might have observed some of its limitations. It may not be enough to elevate your business to the next level, particularly if you want to make money with paid meetings. This review emphasizes this critical point.

However, suppose you’re a business owner serious about generating revenue. In that case, you need a robust online booking tool to help you automate your appointments without breaking the bank. FluentBooking is the perfect WordPress plugin to help you scale your business.

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